Tuesday, April 10, 2012

NTT Cites Breakthrough in GaN-based Thin Film Production

Researchers at NTT announced a breakthrough in the development of GaN-based thin-film devices from substrates, where an extremely thin layer of boron nitride (BN) is grown between a sapphire substrate and the GaN-based semiconductor and works as a release layer.

The newly developed MeTRe (Mechanical Transfer using a Release layer) method of production facilitates the transfer of the resulting nitride structures (typically a few μm thick) to more flexible and affordable substrates.

So far, the researchers have demonstrated a very thin LED, in which a detached thin-film device is sandwiched by two laminate films (total thickness is as small as 0.2 mm, Fig. 5 ), indicating that this technology has opened a door for GaN-based flexible devices.

NTT said this innovation helps in the production of very thin LEDs, transparent solar cells sensitive only to UV light, and highly-functional hybrid CMOS devices.

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