Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Netronome Advances its High Performance Flow Processors on Intel 22nm Technology

Netronome’s next-generation flow processors will be manufactured on Intel’s 22nm process, which leverages unique 3-D Tri-Gate transistor technology to achieve unprecedented gains in performance and power efficiency.

Netronome’s current generation of flow processors began with a technology license agreement with Intel in November 2007, reaching volume-shipments in 2011. These devices are targeted at high-performance network, security and content processing applications at speeds up to 100Gbps. NFPs simultaneously deliver packet processing with deep packet inspection, security processing, and I/O virtualization for millions of simultaneous stateful flows. NFPs are the industry’s only processor specifically designed for tight coupling with Intel Architecture (IA) processors, complementing and strengthening the growing success of IA in networking, communications, and security applications.

Netronome’s next-generation of processors based on Intel’s 22nm process and 3D Tri-Gate transistors will sample in 2013. Product specifics have not yet been disclosed.

Under the newly announced joint development and manufacturing engagement model with Intel, Netronome gains access to Intel's advanced fabrication tools, processes, and proprietary modeling capabilities, thereby reducing development costs and time to market, while increasing product functionality. The Intel partnership also brings co-optimized device packaging, assembly and test procedures, as well as access to Intel’s global footprint of foundries that are adopting 22nm.

Netronome said its adoption of Intel's 22nm technology will give it a four year head start over competitors, as other global fabs are not expected to make the leap to 22nm for some time and even then will not have the benefit of Intel's Tri-Gate.

"Intel’s 3D Tri-Gate transistor technology and 22nm manufacturing process provides significant benefits over legacy planar designs,�? said Jim Finnegan, senior vice president of engineering at Netronome. “As a result, our next generation flow processors will be several generations ahead of other communications processors, allowing Netronome to deliver up to 10-times the performance with more than triple the energy efficiency.�?

"Intel is delighted to provide Netronome with access to its leading edge 3-D Tri-Gate 22nm technology and integrated supply chain," said Sunit Rikhi, vice president of the Technology and Manufacturing Group at Intel. “While working with Netronome during the product design cycle to co-optimize its flow processors and our foundry offerings, it was clear that Intel’s 22nm silicon technology and design infrastructure are a significant value-fit with Netronome’s products."http://www.netronome.com