Sunday, April 15, 2012

NEC's OpenFlow Enables Multitenant Network Virtualization

NEC released its next generation OpenFlow solution, featuring the ability to design, deploy, monitor and manage secure, multitenant networks from a single point of control.

NEC's ProgrammableFlow 2.0 Product Suite builds upon the OpenFlow 1.0 standard to provide more control of network resources, while maintaining interoperability with other OpenFlow compliant equipment. The company said its multitenant network virtualization technology provides the ability to programmatically manage the way traffic flows across the network, optimizing use of existing network resources and the appliances, servers, and storage connecting to the network.

ProgrammableFlow 2.0 Updates Include:

Policy Based Multipath Routing – The physical path traffic takes across the network can be distributed across equal cost links and by path policy. The path policy can be customized dynamically based on traffic type, providing policy based traffic steering.

Point and Click Network Deployment - Virtual networks can be created and deployed from a single user interface. Leveraging NEC’s Virtual Tenant Network (VTN) technology, the Version 2.0 of the ProgrammableFlow Controller interface allows operators to create/delete virtual networks, manage virtual network topology setting, and configuration.

Network Service/Appliance Failover – ProgrammableFlow continuously monitors the status of network services and can automatically redirect traffic to services in the case the primary service is no longer reachable.

Bandwidth Monitor – With the bandwidth monitor function, statistical information can be periodically obtained from OpenFlow switches. The number of bytes received from the physical port of the switches can be collected.

"This release of the ProgrammableFlow 2.0 extends NEC’s lead in software defined networking," said Don Clark, Director of Business Development, IT Platform Technologies, NEC Corporation of America. "Deployed as data center fabric or as a virtualization layer for network services, ProgrammableFlow version 2.0’s automation and ease of use allows customers to quickly deploy and gain the benefits of a software defined network."

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