Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mindspeed Powers LTE + Wi-Fi Femtocell for SK Telesys

Mindspeed Technologies has supplied its Transcede wireless baseband processors for an LTE + Wi-Fi femtocell from SK Telesys, the wireless system manufacturer in SK Group Korea.

The Wi-Fi integrated LTE femtocells will be first deployed in densely populated regions in South Korea, focusing primarily on the commercial centers of major cities. The rollout will then be expanded to areas with high data demand – i.e. indoor areas like shopping centers, offices, houses and schools – based on an analysis of LTE service usage patterns.

Mindspeed's Transcede family of processors are complete NodeB and eNodeB SoC solutions that support concurrent 3G and LTE processing in a single device, including time division synchronous code division multiple access (TD-SCDMA), W-CDMA/HSPA+ and both frequency division duplexing LTE (FDD-LTE) and time division duplexing LTE (TDD-LTE).


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