Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ixia Partners with QualiSystems and ONPATH for Lab Automation

Ixia is partnering with QualiSystems and ONPATH Technologies to offer integrated test lab automation, from network test and measurement equipment, lab topology control, lab re-cabling and reconfiguration, to resource tracking, schedule management, and analytic software. The combined solution centralized control of multi-vendor test gear, automation of manual testing, and off-hours testing. Specifically, Ixia’s Test Composer automation software operates with QualiSystems and ONPATH products to provide quick access to a consolidated lab automation environment.

QualiSystems’ TestShell software enables control over Ixia test equipment and other resources in the lab, simplifying reconfiguration of devices as necessary to execute each test. With its embedded integration and control over ONPATH physical layer switches, the combined solution enables extensive, global lab management, topology creation, test bed and device under test (DUT) provisioning, and full-blown test automation. This high level of integration and control with “push button�? ease accelerates productivity and increases overall lab performance.

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