Monday, April 2, 2012

GSMA Predicts Rapid Mobile BB Growth in India

The number of 3G HSPA subscribers in India has passed the 10 million mark and this number will grow to 100 million by 2014, predicts the GSMA. This will make India the largest HSPA market worldwide within the next two years, surpassing China, Japan and the US in the process.

"The mobile industry in India is set for immense growth as Mobile Broadband technologies such as HSPA and LTE start to proliferate, but there is scope for far greater development," said Anne Bouverot, director general of the GSMA. "To take full advantage of this, the Indian government should facilitate the timely release of additional spectrum in a fair and transparent way for all stakeholders. The benefits are clear to see – a 10 per cent increase in Mobile Broadband penetration could contribute as much as US$80 billion (INR 3,506 billion) of revenue across the country's transport, healthcare and education sectors by 2015."