Monday, April 23, 2012

Gigamon Partners With ForeScout on Real-time Visibility

Gigamon and ForeScout Technologies, a provider of automated security control solutions for enterprises, are collaborating to provide network management and visibility solutions that enable real-time network visibility and automated security controls, while minimizing core network switch infrastructure load for network operators.

The partnership enables the ForeScout's automated security control platform (CounterACT) to leverage Gigamon's Traffic Visibility Fabric to have broader visibility of all devices communicating on the network and dynamically apply security policy to reduce a range of security risks.

The Gigamon Visibility Fabric provides intelligent traffic mirroring, enabling the ForeScout platform to access network resources and sensitive data as appropriate. This provides IT real-time inventory and security posture intelligence for active remediation while allowing users to seamlessly connect to the network without disruptions or changes in end-user experience unless necessary.

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