Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dell Launches Content Delivery Platform (CDP) for Service Providers

Dell is launching a Content Delivery Platform (CDP) that allows network providers to sell Content Delivery Network (CDN) services to the enterprise as well as manage the on-demand delivery of any video to any screen.

The CDN solution is powered by Dell PowerEdge 12th generation servers and software from EdgeCast Networks and Elemental Technologies.

Dell said its solution allows network operators to launch their own CDN quickly and affordably. EdgeCast's CDN software already supports more than 4,000 content providers worldwide. Elemental Technologies' video processing software leverages massively parallel NVIDIA graphics processing units (GPUs) and Intel processors to offer an extremely dense and highly cost effective transcoding solution.

"Managing and maintaining a healthy IT infrastructure is getting more and more complicated for network operators as their infrastructures are not designed to support today’s growing demand for IP-based, bandwidth-hogging content,�? said Laurie Hutto-Hill, general manager of Dell’s Global Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment organization. “Until now, few content delivery models have been optimized for rich media, and it is hard to find existing technologies equipped to analyze and deliver content efficiently based on the requirements of a multitude of end-user devices. Dell Deliver offers flexible and scalable technology with significant cost advantages, allowing network providers to establish a healthy CDN that can support today’s ever-changing data landscape."http://www.dell.com

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