Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bytemobile Extends its Adaptive Traffic Management System

Bytemobile has extended its Adaptive Traffic Management System for ensuring quality of experience (QoE) in mobile networks with two new products for 3G and 4G networks.

Introduced last year, Bytemobile's T3100 Adaptive Traffic Manager, which was the first product in the series, is an in-line platform designed to automatically adapt and manage all mobile IP traffic based on real-time network conditions. The NEBS Level 3-compliant platform integrates a combination of network elements for caching, load balancing, deep packet inspection (DPI), web and video optimization, policy control, and analytics. It is designed to be deployed in the core of mobile networks, between the RAN and the Internet.

The new T1100 Traffic Director and the T2100 Content Accelerator provide operators with a seamless single-vendor solution for processing video and web traffic to deliver increased network efficiency and the best possible user experience under all network conditions.

The T1100 Traffic Director is designed to deliver the intelligence and performance required to scale next-generation networks and applications. It is a flexible application delivery controller – powered by Citrix NetScaler and custom-built for deployment with Bytemobile’s Smart Capacity platforms. It provides a seamless exchange of information to intelligently distribute traffic load at all times, resulting in higher availability, greater throughput and simplified operational management. The T1100 also features advanced Citrix NetScaler TriScale technology, including new clustering capabilities that enable multiple appliances to work as a single system so overall network capacity can scale from just megabits/sec to terabits/sec.

The T2100 Content Accelerator is an intelligent caching appliance. Because of its seamless integration with Bytemobile’s two Smart Capacity platforms, operators can add the T2100 to existing traffic management deployments and immediately begin accelerating the multimedia experience by bringing streaming video and audio closer to the subscriber.

Bytemobile noted that more than half of all mobile video and audio content can be served from cache. As a result, the T2100 immediately accelerates the video user experience for more than 50% of an operator’s subscriber base, while also enhancing the experience for the other half through resulting improved network capacity.

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