Sunday, April 29, 2012

Broadcom Unveils 100 GE Switching Silicon with L2-4 Classification

Broadcom unveiled its 100 gigabit Ethernet (GbE) switching solution designed for next gen data center switching platforms with densities up to 4,000 100GbE ports.

Broadcom said a key innovation in its highly integrated BCM88650 system on chip (SoC) is that the features and functionality of a complete line card have been combined into a single chip. The chip can process a single stream of 200Gbps traffic at Layer 2-Layer 4 with integrated advanced packet classification and deep-buffer traffic management features to support data center, carrier Ethernet and packet transport requirements.

The new BCM88650 works with Broadcom's FE1600 (BCM88750) fabric for highly scalable systems a few hundred Gbps of aggregate capacity A chassis with a total capacity of 25Tbps can be designed for the core of the data center or the carrier core network. Multiple chassis of different capacities can be interconnected to create a scalable core platform and deliver up to 4,000 wire-speed ports of 100GbE or their 40GbE/10GbE equivalent.

Highlights include:

  • Integrates advanced packet classification, deep-buffer traffic manager, and cell based fabric interface

  • Integrated 1/10/40/100GbE network interfaces eliminates the need for additional components

  • Programmable packet classification engine with built-in support for data center, metro Ethernet
    and transport applications

  • Large on-chip classification databases can be extended using a companion Broadcom/NetLogic processor

  • Deep buffers with distributed scheduling scheme allowing state of the art hierarchical QOS, transmission scheduling and flow control schemes

  • Fully compatible with Broadcom's XLP multi-core processors and NL8865x knowledge-based processors for best-in-class control plane and expanded L2-4 header processing performance

  • Fully supported by Broadcom's common Application Programming Interface (API).

Broadcom plans to offer different versions of the BCM88650 series for data center, enterprise, carrier access, metro Ethernet, and transport designs. Sampling is underway and production volume is slated for the second half of 2012.


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