Wednesday, April 25, 2012

AppliedMicro Advances its X-Gene "Server-on-a-Chip"

AppliedMicro is making progress on "X-Gene", its forthcoming "Server-on-a-Chip" based on 64-bit ARM technology. X-Gene, which the company first announced last October, is being designed to power next-generation cloud-computing data centers and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO).

AppliedMicro is now demonstrating an open source Apache Web Server running on an FPGA implementation of X-Gene. This development milestone represents the first 64-bit ARM development vehicle for the ecosystem community that will aid in the acceleration of server system development. The current implementation enables OEMs, ODMs, Cloud Service Providers, Independent Software Vendors and other development partners to conduct early stage performance benchmarking and software development in parallel with silicon development.

AppliedMicro has previously said that it expects to sample X-Gene is later half of 2012.

Other hardware highlights include:

  • Multi-core ARM v8 running SMP with L1, L2, and L3 Caches

  • System memory to host Linux and other server applications

  • Coherent fabric, SOC peripherals and associated bridges

  • The platform is capable of running a full LAMP software stack featuring open-source Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP.

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