Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Xilinx Ships Virtex-7 for Next Gen Systems

Xilinx announced commercial shipments of its Virtex-7 X690T FPGA, which packs high-speed serial transceivers, highest system bandwidth, and market-optimized FPGA resources.

Xilinx said its Virtex-7 X690T and X1140T FPGAs provide the greatest processing capacity and bandwidth per watt of any FPGA to implement advanced Packet Processing, FEC, Quality-of-Service, Switching, and Traffic Management algorithms as well as next generation EdgeQAM implementations.

"Xilinx has taken its years of experience in serial transceivers – having shipped to date over 75 percent of all FPGAs that include serial transceivers – and combined that with the innovative low power, 28nm 7 series FPGA architecture to deliver a highly optimized family for the Wired Communication marketplace," said Tim Erjavec, senior director of FPGA platforms at Xilinx.

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