Thursday, March 1, 2012

Verizon Launches New Telematics Practice

Verizon has launched a new practice focused on developing telematics solutions and hired industry-veteran Martin Thall to lead the effort. Thall previously was chief executive officer and founder of Vehicle ICT Corp., a management consulting company.

The new Telematics practice will leverage the company's wireless, cloud and mobility platforms to develop and deploy integrated telematics solutions for key industries including automotive and transportation.

While Verizon currently offers a wide range of machine-to-machine solutions, the new practice will leverage the full breadth of the company's technology platforms to address the rapidly growing demand for telematics applications.

"Telematics services have been growing rapidly for the past decade," said Thall. "The always-connected consumer lifestyle, advancements in vehicle technology and increasing commercial fleet management requirements have set the stage for even steeper growth. Verizon has been a significant technology and network provider in OEM telematics for 15 years. Our 4G LTE and cloud analytics capabilities provide the core components upon which superior telematics solutions are and will be built."