Thursday, March 8, 2012

Telefónica Launches Virtual Hosting 2.0

Telefónica, in collaboration with Cisco and VCE, has launched a regional advanced cloud hosting service in Latin America for large companies and public agencies.

The Virtual Hosting 2.0 service, which is available in all Latin American countries where Telefónica operates, enables enterprises to migrate to cloud computing. It is based on the VCE Vblock infrastructure platform, which offers integrated virtualization, server, storage, networking and security technologies with end-to-end support.

VCE is the Virtual Computing Environment Company formed by Cisco and EMC with investments from VMware and Intel.
VCE's prepackaged solutions are available through an extensive partner network, and cover horizontal applications, vertical industry offerings, and application development environments.

Notably, Telefónica is implementing a single global architecture for the cloud based on VCE with the goal of scaling and evolving the service evenly throughout the region. Telefónica is delivering the service from five interconnected data centers in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru.

Telefónica's Virtual Hosting 2.0 offers the benefits of an advanced virtual service, such as elasticity, fast provision in case of new company needs, private access to the network, and end-to-end management. Initially, Virtual Hosting 2.0 includes services such as infrastructure as a service (IaaS), virtual data centers, private cloud services and business continuity services in case of incidents and disasters. Under the cloud computing model, it seeks to provide the latest technologies, without the need for investment in equipment and maintenance.

"Cloud computing is the business model for the delivery of services to customers. Companies, service providers and government agencies are looking for cloud solutions to reduce costs, increase profitability and create innovative business models. Cisco enables customers to take advantage of network intelligence, the power of data centers and business applications. The result is an attractive and safe cloud experience with applications and services supplied from any place, at anytime and from any device. We want to thank Telefónica Empresas Latinoamérica for trusting Cisco as the technological partner for its cloud computing solution in Latin America,' said Jaime Vallés, Cisco senior vice president for Latin America.

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