Sunday, March 4, 2012

Polatis Debuts 192x192 Optical Matrix Switch

Polatis, a start-up based in Andover, Mass., unveiled its new Series 6000 Optical Matrix Switch - a fully non-blocking, all-optical singlemode fiber cross-connect for up to 192x192 fiber ports with less than 1dB typical optical loss. The new optical switch could be used in a range of applications ranging from secure government communications to data center virtualization, broadcast video distribution, satellite RF/optical link management, network testing.

Polatis features a unique, patented DirectLight beam-steering technology which uses piezoelectric actuators to connect light directly between switch ports to achieve the best possible optical performance independent of the color, direction or power level of light on the fiber path.

The new Series 6000 doubles the maximum matrix size previously available from Polatis (96x96 ports). The modular design of the Series 6000 allows both symmetric (NxN) and asymmetric (MxN) matrix configurations as well as a versatile customer-configurable option allowing any-to-any fiber connections. The switch can also be used to enhance network availability by enabling fast automatic recovery from network equipment or fiber failures. The Polatis DirectLight technology allows optical connections to be established with or without light on the fiber, enabling pre-provisioning of dark fiber paths for disaster recovery, M:N protection switching, and intelligent network monitoring and test.

Production shipments commence in the second quarter of 2012.

Polatis is showing the switch at this week's OFC/NFOEC 2012 exposition in Los Angeles (booth #915).

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