Thursday, March 8, 2012

OIF Demos 25-28 Gbaud Interoperability

At last week's OFC/NFOEC conference in Los Angeles, the OIF hosted a physical layer interoperability event focused on Enabling High-Speed Dynamic Services.

Specifically, the OIF’s Physical and Link Layer demonstration showcased the forum’s CEI 28G Very Short Reach (VSR) draft implementation agreement that defines chip-to-module electrical interfaces and the OIF's CEI 25G Long Reach (LR) implementation agreement that defines backplane electrical interfaces.

There were five individual demos made up of ten participating companies and one test equipment vendor.

Three demos focused on Very Short Reach chip-to-module applications based upon CEI-28G-VSR.

Two demos focused on Long Reach backplane applications using CEI-25G-LR.

Participants included Altera, Amphenol, Fujitsu Optical Components, Gennum, IBM, Inphi, Luxtera, Molex, TE Connectivity and Xilinx. Test equipment was supplied by Tektronix.