Monday, March 5, 2012

Oclaro and Huawei Collaborate on Petabit Photonic Cross Connect

Oclaro has supplied ultra-fast switching lasers to Huawei for development of its Petabit Photonic Cross-Connect (PPXC), which performs petabit OTN switching with fine granularity.

The companies said agile and ultra-large capacity OTN switching is a promising technology for future optical networks.

"Fast tunable lasers have great potential in Huawei's future optical network architectures and we are excited to see that Oclaro has successfully developed this enabling laser system with nanosecond tuning time," said Changtian Cai, President of Huawei Transport Network. "We believe that all-optical cross connect technology will give an unparalleled advantage to ultra large capacity OTN switch clusters of future transport backbone networks, large data centers and other application scenarios and by partnering with a proven technology and manufacturing leader such as Oclaro, we can bring higher performance network equipment into our customers."

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