Thursday, March 22, 2012

Nokia Siemens Networks Announces Agreement with Union

Nokia Siemens Networks announced an agreement with IG Metall Trade Union under which the company would remain a major employer in Munich. The agreement, proposed by IG Metall, call for approximately 2,000 jobs to remain in Munich, while the St.-Martin-Strasse site, which currently hosts 3,600 employees, would be closed as initially planned.

Nokia Siemens Networks is prepared to accept the IG Metall proposal if a significant majority of the approximately 1,600 positions planned to be reduced in Munich agree to join an interim employment company before the end of April 2012.

  • In November 2011, Nokia Siemens Networks announced a worldwide restructuring plan involving a reduction of 17,000 positions.

  • In late January 2012, Nokia Siemens Networks made known its intention to cut approximately 2,900 of its then approximately 9,100 jobs in Germany.

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