Thursday, March 8, 2012

Holland's SURFnet Tests Cisco 100G DWDM

SURFnet has completed a technology test of Cisco's 100G DWDM solution between the National Supercomputing Center, SARA, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, using the Cisco ONS 15454 M6 Multiservice Transport Platform. DWDM was used to unite multiple optical carrier signals on a single optical fiber. Specifically, the 100G alien wavelength was carried error-free using Cisco single carrier coherent optical technology across SURFnet's existing 1650km optical DWDM system.

The test involved introducing 100G single carrier optical interfaces into SURFnet's existing optical infrastructure made up of a combination of 10G, 40G and 100G wavelengths. Cisco said its 100G DWDM solution was quickly operational without any disruption to the existing network.

The Cisco ONS 15454 M6 platform can support 42 x 100G wavelengths in a single bay, nearly three times the density of competing solutions.

"This 100G alien wavelength demonstration is another important step in the future of international networking across geographical, technical and administrative borders. Being able to use high-bandwidth wavelengths over open transmission systems from different equipment vendors supports new approaches to networking. The use of all-optical alien wavelength 100G technology is what will enable cost-effective international research networking," stated Roeland Nuijts, optical network architect, SURFnet.

  • In May 2011, Ciena announced that SURFnet, which operates an advanced research network in The Netherlands, will upgrade its backbone with support for full photonic flexibility and the deployment of 100 Gbps on international links connecting the Netherlands to research communities like CERN in Switzerland. SURFNet is using Ciena's ActivFlex 6500 Packet-Optical Platform equipped with WaveLogic coherent optical processors and ActivSpan Common Photonic Layer. Ciena's ActivFlex 6500 platform, supports both coherent 40G and 100G transmission, allowing SURFnet to gradually scale its network as requirements change. Combined with Ciena's ActivSpan Common Photonic Layer, the solution supports ROADM functionality throughout the network.

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