Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ericsson Scales its Packet Optical Transport Platform to Multi-Terabit

Ericsson is extending its SPO Packet Optical Transport Platform (POTP) family from the Metro Access to the Metro Regional network to support popular packet, TDM and wavelength services on one platform.

Ericsson’s SPO 1400 family, which leverages a Unified Packet/OTN Switch Fabric, integrates OTN, SONET/SDH and PDH support and performance, L2 connection oriented Ethernet switching and aggregation and WDM technology. The product family previously scaled from 2-service slots and 40G of capacity to a chassis-platform offering 16-service slots and 800G of capacity.

The new SPO 1480 scales the solution to 32/40 service slots and a switching fabric with 3.2 Tbps of capacity. It brings fully non-blocking ODU-0 granularity to the metro regional aggregation and it also introduces 100 Gbps Coherent DWDM interfaces.

Ericsson said the value proposition of its SPO POTP family is the ability to deliver low and high order TDM and packet and wavelength services across the Metro Access and Regional network on a common set of platforms with a single multilayer IP Transport Network Management Systems (IPT NMS). The hybrid TDM-WDM-Packet architecture provides the flexibility to optimize node configurations for location and cost with the ability to scale optical capacity without sacrificing shelf switching capacity.

"Ericsson’s latest SPO release provides network operators with a single platform that spans the metro from access/aggregation to regional/core," said Phil Winterbottom, Head of Optical & Metro Product Management at Ericsson. "By providing an integrated platform that supports all the networking layers from WDM to TDM and Packet, we have provided the simplest and most cost-effective path for modernizing metro optical networks delivering real value to our customers."

The new platform was on display at this week's OFC/NFOEC in Los Angeles.

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