Thursday, March 15, 2012

Emerald Atlantis Signs TE SubCom for 100x100 Trans-Atlantic Cable

Emerald Networks has signed a system supply contract with TE SubCom for the construction of the Emerald Express Trans-Atlantic Cable System, which promises to deliver ultra-high capacity of 100 wavelengths operating at 100 Gbps along a low-latency route between New York and London.

Emerald Networks' submarine cable system span 6,700 km along the "Great Circle" route connecting North America to Europe via Iceland. The company has previous calculated that this northerly route will have a latency of less than 62 milliseconds round trip from New York to London, making it one of the fastest networks across the Atlantic.

Emerald Networks reports that a significant portion of the marine cable route survey has been completed and that the Emerald Express system could be ready for service in late 2013. The Emerald Express system will offer a high capacity connection to Iceland, with future expansion provided by a stubbed Branching Unit positioned off Ireland for direct connectivity into Portugal.

"The Emerald Express system’s combination of a 100x100Gbps per fiber pair design, unique route and optimized low latency will enable Emerald Networks to meet the tremendous demand for bandwidth driven by cloud services, while providing Iceland with the required connectivity to support data centers powered by long-term competitively
priced, 100% carbon free renewable energy,�? said Greg Varisco, President, Emerald Networks.

  • Dr. William C. Marra serves as Executive Chairman of Emerald Networks. Prior to retirement in late 2009, Dr. William C. Marra was the Vice President and General Manager of Tyco Telecommunications and was responsible for all facets of the business inclusive of Sales, Marine and Terrestrial Engineering and Operations, Manufacture, Research and Development. His pioneering work included many network architectural concepts used in undersea networks, such as the first transoceanic ring networks, the TPC-5 and TAT-12/13 Cable Networks.

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