Sunday, March 4, 2012

Deutsche Telekom Hits Top Speed of 512 Gbps in Single Wavelength

Researchers at Telekom Innovation Laboratories (T-Labs) announced a new record -- 512 Gbps in a single optical-fiber wavelength channel over a distance of 734 km (Berlin - Hanover - Berlin). Alcatel-Lucent served as the key technology partner.

Deutsche Telekom said the experimental system was tested in the real world conditions of its network.

Specifically, the Telekom OSIRIS (Optically Supported IP Router Interfaces) research project realized transmission at a speed of 512Gbps (400 Gbps usable bit rate) on a 100 GHz wavelength channel over a distance of 734 km, thus demonstrating a spectral sensitivity of 5 bits/s/Hz in the Deutsche Telekom network. The system used transmission technology with two carrier frequencies, two polarization planes, 16-QAM quadrature amplitude modulation and digital offline signal processing for the equalization of fiber influences with soft-FEC forward error correction decoding in the receiver. The WDM transmission link consisted of a total of 14 standard single-mode fiber sections with dispersion compensation as required for the neighboring conventional 10 Gbps channels.

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