Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cisco Reinforces Commitment to Skolkovo, Russia

Cisco advanced its plans to establish a physical R&D presence in the Skolkovo Technopolis, a planned high technology business area to be built near Moscow, Russia.

Cisco recently received formal Skolkovo participant status, which enables the company to begin engineering activities and formally establish a physical presence. Cisco aims to focus R&D in Skolkovo on high-impact areas of the business, including video and internal start-ups, using Skolkovo as the physical and virtual platform for innovation.

The initial Memorandum of Understanding between Cisco and Skolkovo was signed in June 2010 and contemplates five concurrent collaborative phases over the next decade: the first phase consists of engaging with the VC community and talent development; the second phase establishes a physical presence in Russia; the third phase extends a dedicated Cisco R&D capability within Russia; the fourth phase focuses on go-to-market models; and the fifth phase builds a partnering model with local companies. Today's strategy advances Cisco's planned commitments in the concurrent second and third phases.