Thursday, March 29, 2012

Analog Devices Acquires Multigig for High-Speed Clocking

Analog Devices has acquired Multigig, a small, privately-held company specializing in high-performance clocking technology. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Multigig, which is based in San Jose, California, provides next generation clock, RF synthesizer and timing ICs for the wired and wireless communications markets. Its clock synthesizer ICs break the 100 femtosecond jitter barrier. Multigig said its CMOS VCO for RF applications offer excellent phase noise performance. The QuietClock and synthesizer products cover the most popular frequencies used by PHY, MAC, SERDES, and memory subsystems used in the communication, telecom, networking, server and storage markets.

ADI said the deal boosts its clocking capabilities in stand-alone and embedded applications, and will strengthen its position in delivering high-speed data converters and signal processing solutions.

"The acquisition of Multigig fits squarely in the middle of our high-speed signal processing strategy and will further strengthen our portfolio of very high performance stand-alone and integrated clocking solutions," said Peter Real, ADI vice president of Linear and Radio Frequency products and technology. "Continually evolving end markets such as wireless and wire line communications place ever more stringent demands on signal processing solutions and high-performance clocking capabilities are critical to meeting customers' system requirements."

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