Monday, February 20, 2012

Qualcomm Invests in AirStrip Technologies --Mobile Patient Monitoring

The Qualcomm Life Fund, whose mission is to accelerate wireless health services and technology adoption, has recently made a strategic investment in AirStrip Technologies, a start-up based in San Antonio, Texas.

AirStrip's vision is to securely send critical patient information directly from hospital monitoring systems, bedside devices, and electronic health records to a clinician's mobile device. The company has built an "AppPoint" software development platform that is FDA-cleared and designed to meet HIPAA-security requirements. AirStrip applications are powered over wired and wireless networks.

"Today, mobile technology plays one of the most important roles as we enter the largest health care transformation ever. As the model of care shifts to an outcomes-based approach, mobility will be an essential vehicle to develop a more collaborative, patient-centered model that delivers improved care at lower costs," said Alan Portela, CEO of AirStrip Technologies.http://

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