Tuesday, February 14, 2012

OIF to Demonstrate Ethernet over OTN

Deutsche Telekom, France Telecom/Orange, KDDI and Verizon are hosting a global test of Ethernet services over OTN transport. The testing is proving out updates to the existing OIF ENN-I 2.0 and UNI 2.0 Implementation Agreements under development, with extensions for both multi-layer and OTN. The goal of the interoperability testing is to marry Ethernet as the predominant access and client interconnect technology, and OTN as the dominant transport technology.

A demonstration of the interoperability tests will be on display at next month's OFC/NFOEC in Los Angeles.

Vendors participating in the interoperability test include ADVA Optical Networking, Alcatel-Lucent, Ciena, EXFO, Huawei, Marben Products, Metaswitch, and Tellabs. Additional carriers consulting on the interoperability test include AT&T, China Telecom and NTT.

"The combination of Ethernet services and OTN transport is compelling and there is momentum in the industry to converge these technologies,�? said Jim Jones of Alcatel-Lucent and the OIF’s president and Networking Interoperability Working Group chair. “The OIF continues to bridge those worlds, making them dynamic and synergistic."http://www.oiforum.com


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