Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oclaro Announces 4x28G Optical Transceiver

Oclaro announced a tunable DWDM pluggable transceiver module that utilizes 4x28G wavelengths to deliver a 2.5 times improvement in spectral efficiency over competing 10G solutions. The new Oclaro transceiver is based on a direct-detection ODB (Optical Duobinary) modulation format which complements Oclaro's line of 100G coherent transponder solutions.

The new module is described as the first tunable 100G DWDM CFP transceiver, and represents an alternative to coherent 168-pin MSA transponders to address less demanding shorter reach applications in a more cost-efficient manner. Oclaro said its new tunable CFP transceiver not only provides a performance boost in spectral efficiency, but also meets the low cost and power consumption requirements.