Wednesday, February 22, 2012

NSN Showcases Active Antennas with Telecom Italia

Nokia Siemens Networks will showcase a live Active Antenna System at Mobile World Congress 2012 in partnership with Telecom Italia. The companies will demonstrate the beam forming capability of the Flexi Multiradio Antenna System, which creates moving beams of radio signals that can be directed at individual users or confined to a specific area. Telecom Italia is currently conducting trials of the technology in its network and has been collaborating with NSN on a common R&D framework for intelligent antennas since 2006.

Nokia Siemens Networks said its active antenna systems can increase base station capacity by up to 65 percent and coverage by as much as 30 percent compared to traditional antennas. The Active Antenna System technology integrates several radio frequency (RF) components such as power amplifiers and transceivers into the antenna dipoles. This enables the unique beam forming capability that delivers significant performance enhancement and energy efficiency. In addition to improved capacity and coverage,

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