Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Nokia Siemens Networks Sees Big 2G/3G/4G Gains

Nokia Siemens Networks announced that the latest release of its Liquid Radio GSM software suite can significantly increase 2G efficiency, and can double 3G and 4G data rates. The company says operators re-farming GSM frequency to support 3G and 4G rollouts can free up to 30% of their spectrum, reduce total cost of ownership by 20% and potentially double their average 3G and 4G data speeds. GSM only network operators can potentially quadruple their capacity while lowering energy costs by 14%.

NSN's Liquid Radio GSM software suite comprises five features that compress the GSM traffic and reduce the number of traffic channels to transmit the same amount of voice and data: Orthogonal Sub Channel (OSC), Smart Resource Adaptation (SRA), Precise Paging (PP), Dynamic Frequency and Channel Allocation (DFCA).

In addition, the company is introducing a Flexible MCPA (Multi Carrier Power Amplifier) Tx power pooling feature that effectively enables dynamic, rather than static sharing of radio resources of GSM carriers, allocating the resources precisely and exactly where the usage is. This reduces the output power needed for GSM, and the company calculates that in case of refarming, this frees more capacity for 3G or 4G, enabling up to double the average 3G or 4G throughput.

Nokia Siemens Networks notes that it currently has 23 references for its professional re-farming services.

“Our multiradio equipment helps operators manage the unpredictable fluctuations in network coverage and capacity demands as mobile broadband users switch across applications and devices on-the-move,�? said Thorsten Robrecht, head of Network Systems product management, Nokia Siemens Networks. “With the new software suite, operators can make their network fluid, further optimize their Flexi Multiradio Base Station radio equipment, improve network efficiency and get more out of their spectrum. Moreover, with re-farming, rollout of mobile broadband services is easier, more cost efficient, and this can potentially help increase revenues.�?http://www.nokiasiemensnetworks.com

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