Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Narus Enhances its Traffic Intelligence and Analytics System

Narus introduced the latest release of its NarusInsight traffic intelligence and analytics system, adding full IPv6 support as well as a number of performance and resiliency improvements. The system offers a highly scalable combination of real-time traffic intelligence and cyber analytics, including deep insight into multiple layer of traffic from heterogeneous networks.

The new NarusInsight 8 supports over 1,000 netflow sources with more than 2,500 interfaces. It also offers embedded connectors to data warehouses such as Teradata and SEIMs such as ArcSight.

Some key enhancements in NarusInsight 8:

Support for IPv6 — IPv6 traffic intelligence is especially critical for government and
large international organizations, including healthcare and financial institutions. Most of today's security solutions operate using IPv4, and are unable to correctly parse and identify IPv6 connections, creating a lapse in visibility.

Increased Efficiency, Enhanced Performance, Improved Scalability — Software efficiency is increased by 25 percent on average, with no need for investment in new hardware, although the new release also supports more powerful hardware.

System Hardening — Especially critical for government, financial services and healthcare organizations, NarusInsight 8 supports system hardening. This functionality reduces the areas of vulnerability by removing unnecessary software and disabling applications, thereby closing ports that may be easy entry points for hackers looking to invade a network.

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