Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Narus and Teradata Partner on Big Data Analytics

Narus, which specializes in real-time traffic intelligence and analytics, announced an alliance with Teradata, the analytic data solutions company, aimed at addressing the challenge of big data analytics.

Specifically, Teradata provides massive data storage capabilities that are matched to the Narus cyber analytics solutions.

Narus is known globally for its NarusInsight traffic intelligence system that protects and manages the largest IP networks around the world. It has been deployed with commercial and government installations on five continents.

Teradata’s analytic data management solutions are recognized by leading analysts as the highest-performing for data warehousing in the global market.

The new Narus-on-Teradata capability enables scalable, real-time traffic intelligence that captures, analyzes and correlates IP traffic in real time, and offers wide visibility across heterogeneous networks and deep insight into multiple layers of network traffic.

In a briefing, company executives stressed the urgency for real time cyber analytics among Fortune 500 companies, in addition to government organizations and public network operators. With the volume of overall traffic rapidly rising, there is a critical need to scale the network intelligence capabilities to keep ahead of malicious threats. Scaling the data storage in step with the analytics is a key challenge.

“Narus' leading real-time traffic intelligence system, coupled with Teradata’s blazing speed and with query performance and scalability that exceed conventional databases, provide our joint customers real-time situational awareness against cyber threats, and minimize the impact of cyber attacks better than ever,�? said Greg Oslan, chief executive officer, Narus.

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