Tuesday, February 21, 2012

LSI Builds Mobile Platform Ecosystem

LSI noted progress in building out an ecosystem of partners for its Axxia platform, which aims to accelerate time to market and lower software investment for mobile equipment manufacturers. One target of the LSI ecosystem is 4G wireless base stations.

LSI is working with the lead partner in the Axxia mobile ecosystem, Radisys, to integrate and optimize its Trillium 3G and 4G wireless protocol software for the LSI Axxia platform.

"We established the LSI networking ecosystem several years ago in anticipation of service providers' need for robust, combined solutions as they race to deploy 4G wireless infrastructure solutions," said Noy Kucuk, vice president of marketing, Networking Components Division, LSI. "The mobile ecosystem provides a suite of tools and solutions that work together to speed time to market and deliver the performance and power benefits of the Axxia family."http://www.lsi.com

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