Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Huawei Debuts Eudemon8000E-X Cloud Security Gateway

Huawei introduced its Eudemon8000E-X, a new high-performance network security gateway solution for cloud data centers. The platform is designed for organizations that require a high-end security gateway, such as large enterprises and service providers, as they make the transition to cloud environments.

The Huawei E8000E-X helps organizations make this transition by:

  • Harnessing the cloud: customers can achieve up to 200Gbps performance with the ability to scale to meet shifting business demands

  • Providing comprehensive cloud protection: A comprehensive set of security capabilities ensure high detection ratio with low false negatives and positives and an IPv6 attack defense capability and transition solution

  • Increasing agility to adapt to the cloud: offers flexible policies that respond to changing virtualization needs of a dynamic cloud environment.

The platform leverages Broadcom's XLP multi-core, multi-threaded processor, which features superscalar out-of-order execution capabilities, unparalleled data plane and control plane performance and XLP cores that effectively minimize bottlenecks and memory latencies.

Huawei's existing E8000E series adopts a redundant architecture of independent control modules, interface modules, and service processing modules, which use multi-core and multi-thread processors for multiple, concurrent services, such as Network Address Translation (NAT), Application Specific Packet
Filter (ASPF), Anti-DDoS, and VPN.

Huawei notes that the performance of the new E8000E-X was recently validated in an IT Brand Pulse Labs test report. The objective of the testing was to validate the firewall throughput of the Huawei Eudemon8000E-X16. To achieve this goal, the Ixia test equipment and E8000E-X were configured for Layer 3 IMIX throughput testing with firewall enabled. IMIX traffic was configured to simulate typical traffic for a 5,000 employee enterprise, including legitimate, illegitimate, and control traffic.

"Large enterprises and service providers face particularly complex challenges when moving to a cloud environment because of growing concerns around network security. As a leader in ICT, Huawei offers customers the cloud security assurance and confidence they need by protecting their critical business data and assets, while providing the flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of a virtualized landscape,�? said Lei Yikang, President of Security Product Line, Huawei. "The new Huawei E8000E-X allows enterprises to tap into the business benefits of cloud without compromising the speed or performance of their operations."http://www.huawei.com