Wednesday, February 22, 2012

HP Enhances its Home Subscriber Server for LTE

HP has expanded its Actionable Customer Intelligence portfolio with two key offerings designed for communications service providers (CSPs):

  • The HP Home Subscriber Server (HSS) solution, which supports multiple networks, is enhanced with mobility management features that help CSPs migrate smoothly from 2G/3G networks to LTE networks. HSS is the primary customer database with information including personal profiles and the mobile services they use. New features in HP HSS version 5.1 include seamless fallback from LTE to 2G/3G; Voice over LTE (VoLTE); and Voice calls between LTE and 3G networks using the Single Voice Call Continuity protocol as an IMS application.

  • The HP Subscriber, Network and Application Policy (SNAP) management solution now integrates real-time charging (billing) so CSPs can apply business rules that allow personalized services and offers to customers. HP SNAP combines policy and charging rules to create a single, holistic view of rules that draws on data from diverse sources, including the network (both 3G and LTE), billing systems, customer data stores and application environments. This lets service providers to develop policy and charging rules that enable personalized, context-aware offerings for customers. Such offerings can include tiered pricing plans, content packages, customized service bundles, and real-time up-sell offers.

“LTE is both a challenge and an opportunity for CSPs, as it levels the playing field for intense ‘co-opetition’ and opens the door to new revenues,�? said David Sliter, vice president and general manager, Communications and Media Solutions, HP Enterprise Services. “HP is helping CSPs use their unique assets to forge personalized, loyal customer relationships that can lead to entirely new revenue streams.�?