Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Gigamon Adds High-Accuracy Packet "Time-Stamping" to Network Monitoring

Gigamon has enhanced its Traffic Visibility Fabric solutions with an FPGA-based, high-speed time-stamping capability that can be applied to packets directly at the ingress ports with nanosecond accuracy.

Accurate time-stamping of traffic traversing production networks enables architects, engineers and operators of High Frequency Trading (HFT), financial and service provider infrastructures to analyze, evaluate, manage and tune the latency of transactions.

Gigamon has previously provided a GigaSMART Time Stamping module as part of its GigaVUE-2404 platform. This time-stamping module allows enterprise customers to accurately measure application response times, jitter and latency by marking incoming packets with microsecond precision.

The new H Series GigaPORT-X12-TS line card improves this time-stamping to nanosecond level accuracy, thereby supporting applications such as high frequency trading.

It also supports the PTPv2 timing standard (IEEE 1588), dramatically improving the timing accuracy and visibility into enhanced latency, jitter and bidirectional transactional performance.

Gigamon said this new time stamping technology enables out-of-band network analysis to occur at a single location, which drives operational efficiency and reduces infrastructure complexity and cost. Combined with GPS synchronization, GigaPORT-X12-TS enables enhanced accuracy across networks that span hundreds or thousands of miles.