Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Freescale Accelerates Developers with New Abstraction Layer for VortiQa Software

Aiming to accelerate the development cycle for new networking products, Freescale has expanded its VortiQa networking software to include industry’s first comprehensive user space software framework for embedded Linux software development.

Freescale's VortiQa networking software is designed for networking products built with Freescale silicon, such as enterprise routers, security appliances, application optimization devices, web application firewalls, wireless infrastructure devices and data center appliances.

The latest VortiQa provides developers an abstraction layer for software development targeting Freescale’s data path acceleration architecture (DPAA) –highly advanced technology integrated into the company’s QorIQ multicore processors. The abstraction layer enables a consistent API across multiple silicon devices and providing access to large repository of libraries (e.g. PCRE, XML). Significantly, VortiQa now uses the familiair Linux User Space.

“With the increased sophistication of multicore processors such as Freescale’s QorIQ products, user space programming minimizes development efforts, helps to unleash the full performance potential of our products and reduces overall total costs of software development and maintenance,�?said Sathyan Iyengar, vice president of Software Products for Freescale’s Networking and Multimedia Solutions Group.