Sunday, February 26, 2012

BT and Stoke Conduct Joint LTE Lab Tests

Stoke and BT’s Advanced Research Mobility have completed joint lab trials investigating different deployment models for LTE networks.

The test examine a variety of options for LTE transport connectivity. Stoke's Security eXchange was used to examine aspects of scalability, enhanced security, and multi-tenant network sharing scenarios, and acted as an anchor device in enabling the demonstration of different architectural strategies for LTE deployment. Stoke’s Security eXchange successfully demonstrated seamless interoperability and transparency with multiple vendors’ equipment including RAN, backhaul transport, caching, timing and synchronization and EPC.

“With spectrum owners looking at options ranging from build-own-operate to complete outsourcing arrangements, there are many unanswered questions. The test results shed much-needed light onto the feasibility of LTE rollout options, and point the way to some viable alternatives,�? said Dave Williams, Chief Technology Officer at Stoke “We are very pleased to support BT in extending its research into areas that will rapidly add value to its business divisions and customers. Additionally, the trials have helped us to develop advanced new features for our platform.�?

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