Monday, February 6, 2012

Broadband Forum Adds Support for MPLS in Mobile Backhaul Networks

At the MPLS & Ethernet World Congress in Paris, the Broadband Forum released its latest suite of technical specifications and featuring new mobile backhaul capabilities. Specifically, BroadbandSuite 6.0 addresses network migration requirements with practical resources, specifications, test plans, and best practice documentation, including:

Technical specifications:

TR-221: "MPLS in Mobile Backhaul Networks"

IP/MPLS Forum 20.0.0: "MPLS in Mobile Backhaul Networks Framework and Requirements"

Certification Test Plan:

TR-248: "Abstract Test Suite for TDM Services over MPLS" (basis of the BBF.248 TDMoMPLS certification)

Resources: White Papers

MR-238: "Use of MPLS in LTE"

MR-258: "Enabling Next Generation Transport and Services using Unified MPLS"


MR-234: "MPLS in Mobile Backhaul Networks"

MR-245: "MPLS-TP in Multi-Service Packet Network Deployments"

MR-275: "Data Center Interconnection"

Robin Mersh, CEO of the Broadband Forum said: "The remarkable growth of mobile traffic, driven by demand for data, video and emerging business services, means that the industry must act quickly. The Broadband Forum continues to develop timely specifications that empower the industry to engineer smart converged mobile backhaul implementations."