Wednesday, February 29, 2012

AT&T Offers Device Manufacturers Single SIM Access

At Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona, AT&T announced a worldwide M2M platform solution for device manufacturers featuring a single SIM offering expansive global coverage.

A single SIM, along with the AT&T Control Center powered by Jasper Wireless, would give d M2M device manufacturers the ability to manage global wireless device deployment and operations across markets with advanced diagnostic tools and smart process automation.

Currently, device manufacturers with M2M applications, must choose a SIM and partner for each target market.

“Lessons learned by market leading manufacturers suggest that a single carrier supplier with a single SIM solution is often preferred over working directly with multiple regional wireless carriers,�? said Glenn Lurie, president of emerging segments, AT&T. “Managing multiple relationships becomes increasingly complex and costly with each additional target market. With our single SIM dedicated exclusively to the Global M2M Offering, the benefit comes from a single solution, backed by an industry leading well managed platform. AT&T has made and will continue to make significant strategic investments with the world’s finest platform providers.�?