Monday, February 20, 2012

AppliedMicro Upgrades OTN Multiplexer for High Capacity P-OTS

AppliedMicro introduced an OTU2 Add-Drop multiplexer with 16 clients in one device and is designed to support Terabit-per-second switching capacity in Packet-Optical Transport Systems (P-OTS).

The new TPO134, which builds on the company's portfolio of optical framers and mappers, expands ODU cross-connect capacity to 80 Gigabit-per-second with two devices, while doubling the density for IP packet aggregation and TDM services.

AppliedMicro’s TPO134 offers support for ODU0 and ODUflex and all standardized client mappings. It is also adaptable to future new client mapping and monitoring requirements. An advanced software Application Programming Interface (API) makes integration into target systems efficient and allows for smooth migration of solutions over time.

The TPO134 joins AppliedMicro’s TPO124/114 add-drop multiplexers in addressing OTN aggregation as network providers and transport system vendors introduce a new OTN networking layer to replace SONET/SDH for greater capacity and efficiency of the Internet. The new layer not only transports IP services, but allows specialized Fibre Channel and video services as well as migration away from older SONET/SDH networks.

The TPO134 Add-Drop multiplexer is available now and shipping to customers this quarter.

"AppliedMicro leads the world in innovative technology for OTN transport and aggregation of packet and TDM services,�? said Lars Pedersen, Chief Technology Officer of AppliedMicro TPACK A/S. "Today we are announcing the expansion of our leadership position with the TPO134, which doubles the capacity and density of our TPO114/124 solutions. We provide our customers with a safe and stable migration path to future standards and market requirements. Additionally, AppliedMicro’s advanced software API makes integration into target systems efficient and allows for smooth migration of solutions as standards change and system requirements evolve."

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