Thursday, January 19, 2012

Time Warner Cable's iPhone App Allows In-home Live TV

Time Warner Cable launched an iPhone app that allows its cable customers to watch live TV from within the home, change channels on their set-top box and manage their DVR right from their iPhone. The features are available at no additional cost to Time Warner Cable video customers that have a broadband connection.

Features on TWC TV include:

  • Interactive program guide (IPG) – up to 7 days of listings. View detailed show descriptions including box art. Option to display “HD only�? or “favorites only�? by creating a favorite channel list.

  • Search – search for programming by title or episode name and filter results by genre

  • Set-top box tuning – tap on a network logo or “watch on TV�? button within the program description to tune compatible set-top boxes directly to the channel

  • DVR management – schedule one-time and series recordings on compatible DVRs directly from the IPG. Tap on the “DVR�? button to see a list of all upcoming recordings and make changes or cancel recordings.