Thursday, January 12, 2012

Southern Cross Cable Deploys Calient's Photonic Switch

Southern Cross Cable Networks has deployed CALIENT Technologies' FiberConnect 320X photonic switch on its trans-Pacific network. The switch makes it possible to remotely reconfigure the fiber network in seconds, adding further protection in the event of fiber breaks or repeater/transponder failures.

The Southern Cross Cable Network is a fully protected fiber-optic cable network linking Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Hawaii directly to the U.S. west coast. The network has 28,900 km of submarine and 1,600 km of terrestrial fiber optic cables, operated in a figure eight configuration. The network has a total of 11 landing points, including sites in Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji; as well as Hawaii, California, and Oregon in the U.S.

“Even though 90% of capacity on the Southern Cross Cable Network is configured for automatic protection on self-healing rings, there is always a small chance of multiple failures that require redirection of traffic to maintain service,"? said Fiona Beck, Southern Cross CEO. “Until now this has been a manual intervention that would take time to implement. Because service availability is our top priority, we wanted to take advantage of photonic switching technology to eliminate delays when restoring traffic."

CALIENT’s FiberConnect 320X is based on the company’s patented 3D MEMS technology and uses a three-dimensional array of silicon micro mirrors to switch light paths. It offers 640 total fiber terminations consisting of 320 transmit ports and 320 receive ports. The FiberConnect 320X is built with high reliability and redundancy for mission-critical carrier applications. The power supplies and all key electronics cards are hot swappable to eliminate a single point of failure.

  • In October 2011, Ciena announced that Southern Cross Cables is increasing capacity on all of its network segments between Australia, New Zealand and the United States, including one that spans more than 8,000 kilometers, using Ciena's 40/100G coherent optical solutions. The upgrade also includes implementation of Ciena's multi-protocol switching platform to enhance the network's survivability, efficiency, and intelligence. Financial terms were not disclosed.