Monday, January 30, 2012

Riverbed Deepens its Cascade Network Performance Monitoring

Riverbed Technology has enhanced its Cascade application-aware network performance management (NPM) solution by extending its performance monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities deeper into the data center. The goal is to provide visibility into virtualized data centers and data centers that use load balancing application delivery controllers (ADCs).

The new release, Cascade 9.5,features a wizard-based "Profiler" for mapping service monitoring across ADCs. A Virtual Cascade Shark provides continuous packet capture and performance analysis in virtual environments.

Cascade has added new multi-segment analysis capabilities that simplify the task of correlating and analyzing related traffic streams captured from multiple locations or sources to quickly identify where on the network performance issues are occurring.

In addition, Cascade 9.5 automates the discovery and monitoring of load balanced applications. By integrating with ADCs—F5 Local Traffic Manager, Riverbed Stingray Traffic Manager, and others—Cascade bridges the visibility gap between the client-side and server-side connections of load balancers, providing IT operations with a view of application performance.

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