Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Polaris Wireless Builds Momentum for its Wireless Location

Polaris Wireless, which specializes in high-accuracy, software-based wireless location solutions, reported a major increase in sales bookings in 2011. The sales momentum includes several significant customer contracts, for multi-million dollar deployments of the Polaris Wireless Altus and OmniLocate location surveillance product suite. The deals represent a major increase in Polaris Wireless’ international business, in areas that are increasingly vital to the global efforts against crime and terrorism.

The privately-held company said more than twenty U.S. wireless carriers, six managed services partners, and fourteen international deployments now rely on its location solutions to enable emergency call applications, lawful and mass location surveillance, and other location-based services.

"In 2011, with best-in-class, field proven products, Polaris Wireless accelerated its efforts at becoming the leading provider of high-accuracy wireless location solutions for mission critical applications," said Manlio Allegra, president, CEO and co-founder of Polaris Wireless. "We have surpassed the competition and enlisted leading global companies as partners, providing a strong base from which we will continue growing in 2012 and beyond."http://www.polariswireless.com

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