Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Planning Underway for Arctic Fibre Undersea Cable Network

AP Telecom, a facilities-based telecom consulting company, has been engaged Arctic Fibre to serve as overall International Sales Manager in the creation of a new submarine cable system joining Northern Asia and Japan to the United States, Canada and Northern Europe.

The proposed Arctic Fibre cable will contain four fibre pairs, each capable of transmitting 80 wavelengths and initial speeds of 40 Gbps, with provision to upgrade to 100 Gbps. The 15,600 km route would pass through Canada's Northwest Passage.

AP Telecom calculates that transiting the Northwest Passage will create the fastest route between Tokyo and London with a latency of 168 milliseconds. The Tokyo to New York latency is estimated at a very competitive rate of 171 milliseconds.

The planned route will also require passing across Greenland's iceberg alley. This will be done at water depths varying from 600-3,000 meters, well below the reach of any iceberg keel.

Organizers are looking to Canadian financial institutions, as well as a limited number of international carriers, to invest in the project.http://