Thursday, January 26, 2012

NTT Docomo Reports LTE Progress

As of December 31, 2011, NTT Docomo had 1.14 million LTE subscribers -- its first full year of operating a commercial LTE network.

Docomo currently has four LTE handsets, 2 LTE-enabled tablets, and three LTE modems/routers on offer.

Docomo's LTE network now covers all prefectural capital-sized cities across Japan, covering about 24% of the population. This footprint consists of approximately 5,000 LTE base stations in operation. By the end of March 2012, Docomo aims to have approximately LTE 7,000 base stations in operation.

In November, NTT Docomo introduced a "Xi Talk 24" service that provides LTE customers with unlimited voice calling to all other Docomo subscribers (including 3G users) for a flat rate of 1,480 yen per month. Already 80% of LTE handsets are on this plan.

Overall, NTT Docomo had 59.62 million subscribers across Japan, up slightly by 2.41 million users over a year earlier.

On the financial side, during the quarter ending Dec. 31, NTT Docomo generated revenue of ¥3,174 billion, down ¥35.0 billion from the same period last year due a decline in voice ARPU, which was partially offset by a rise in packet data revenue. Operating expenses declined by ¥20.3 billion yen in the quarter due to a more efficient use of CAPEX, yielding an operating income of ¥743 billion for the quarter, which is a decrease of ¥14.7 billion from a year earlier.