Sunday, January 29, 2012

NetLogic Offers Xen Hypervisor for Multi-Core MIPS64

NetLogic Microsystems introduced an open–source Xen hypervisor for its high-performance multi-core MIPS64 processors for delivering virtualization for next-generation communications, networking and server platforms.

The Xen hypervisor enables multiple instances of the same or different operating systems on a single processor. NetLogic said this capability enables applications to run completely independently and securely on a single processor. For example, a base station can be designed to provide both 3G and LTE services with a single processor, ultimately reducing the cost and complexity of the hardware, while enhancing the flexibility and capability of the system solution.

NetLogic Microsystems’ XLP and XLP II multi-core, multi-threaded processors feature an innovative quad-issue, quad-threaded and superscalar architecture with out-of-order execution capabilities. The processors support virtualization of multiple applications and multiple operating systems on each of the high-performance cores.

NetLogic's flagship XLP processor family in 40nm operates at up to 2GHz and delivers cache-coherent scalability of up to 128 NXCPUs, while the next-generation XLP II processor family is designed for up to 2.5GHz and scalability up to 640 NXCPUs in the state-of-the-art 28nm process.

  • In September 2011, NetLogic Microsystems unveiled its next generation of XLP II family of processors based on 28nm process technology, packing up to 80 high-performance NXCPUs per chip, and promising 5-7x performance enhancement over the existing XLP processors. Target applications for the new multi-core devices include next-generation LTE mobile infrastructure, data center, enterprise networking, storage and security platforms. NetLogic said its XLP II processor family is designed to deliver over 100 Gbps of network processing performance per device and over 800 Gbps in a clustered, fully-coherent system. The devices integrate up to 80 high-performance NXCPUs per chip, featuring an enhanced quad-issue, quad-threaded, superscalar out-of-order processor architecture capable of operating at up to 2.5 GHz to provide unmatched control and data plane processing and low-power profile.

  • In September 2011, Broadcom announced plans to acquire NetLogic Microsystems in a deal valued at $3.7 billion ($50 per share) net of cash assumed.

    NetLogic Microsystems, which is based in Santa Clara, California, adds a number of critical new product lines and technologies to Broadcom's portfolio, including knowledge-based processors, multi-core embedded processors, and digital front-end processors.