Monday, January 9, 2012

Iliad's Free Mobile Launches EUR 19.99 Unlimited Service in France

The Iliad Group launched a new mobile service in France offering unlimited domestic and international calling to 40 countries, along with unlimited SMS and MMS, for only EUR 19.99 per month. The price can be further reduced to EUR 15.99 per month by subscribing to the Free broadband service as well. A more limited service for only EUR 2 per month provides 60 minutes of calling and 60 SMS messages per month.

The aggressive market entry is expected to set off a price war for mobile services in France.

  • In September 2011, Free Mobile was awarded an LTE license covering a duplex frequency block of 20 MHz in the 2.6 GHz range, for which the company bid the sum of €271,000,000.

  • In March 2011, Free Mobile (Iliad) and Orange announced a national roaming agreement covering their respective 2G and 3G networks in France. This agreement will take effect once Free Mobile has deployed a network that offers coverage for 25% of the French population. Under the terms of its license, Free Mobile has taken a clear commitment to deploy a network that offers coverage to at least 90% of the population by 2018.

  • As of 30-September-2011, The Iliad Group had 4,790,000 subscribers for its Free and Alice broadband services.