Monday, January 23, 2012

IBM Teams with NEC on OpenFlow

IBM is working with NEC to deliver OpenFlow based solutions to three early deployment sites. IBM offers an OpenFlow-enabled 10/40GbE top of rack switch and NEC offers a ProgrammableFlow OpenFlow-based network controller.

Stanford University, which has incubated the OpenFlow protocol, will deploy IBM and NEC’s solution in a parallel network to test OpenFlow’s applicability to the university’s production environment.

Tervela, which develops a distributed data fabric, has validated that this solution delivers a breakthrough in dynamic networking to ensure predictable performance of Big Data for complex and demanding business environments, such as global trading, risk analysis and e-commerce.

Selerity, provider of ultra-low latency event data, will employ IBM and NEC’s OpenFlow solution to accelerate real-time decision-making for global financial markets.

The companies expect OpenFlow and Software Defined Networking (SDN) will traction in enterprise data centers for Big Data, cloud and workload optimized systems. OpenFlow promises to help organizations to more easily modify, control and manage today’s dynamic physical and virtual networks.

“IBM’s investment in OpenFlow reflects the market reality that the data center network is vital to business, driving new ways for users to control the functionality of networks to meet application requirements more simply, flexibly and intelligently,�? said IBM Fellow and CTO of IBM System Networking Renato Recio.

“OpenFlow is a disruptive networking technology that offers a new level of interoperability and user control and which can ultimately transform the very economics of data centers. NEC and IBM have demonstrated leadership as early adopters of OpenFlow, as well as being first to market with a complete, high performance solution that addresses customer needs for a smarter network.�?