Tuesday, January 10, 2012

IBM Develops Behavioral Analytics for Enterprise Security

IBM introduced an analytics software called Security Role and Policy Modeler that recommends enterprise security controls based on employee behavior data. The analytics can flag abnormal behavior, inconsistencies in role access and expired user access.

"With the rise of cloud and mobile access, it's no surprise that identity management has become such a hot button to clients," said Marc van Zadelhoff, vice president strategy and product management, IBM Security Systems. "If an organization doesn't know who has access to their data, how can meet compliance regulations, let alone be secure? Today's news shows how IBM is applying its advanced intelligence to solve the most complex security issues."

IBM also noted that it set a new U.S. patent record in 2011, marking the 19th consecutive year that the company has led the annual list of patent recipients. IBM inventors earned a record 6,180 U.S. patents in 2011, including more than 100 security-related patents, adding to more than 3,000 patents in IBM's security portfolio. The 2011 patents granted include advances in identity intelligence for authenticating user identity when resetting passwords, verifying personal identity and detecting fingerprint spoofing.

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